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We offer a range of services to ensure your experience with us is as seamless as possible.

We pride ourselves in being the fully rounded provider of your every aquatic need, therefore offering guarantees, water testing, delivery, assembly, repairs and bespoke installations.

7 Day Guarantee 

Tropical, Pond and Coldwater Fish

Pelagic Aquatics pride ourselves in supplying quality fish. With purpose built fish systems, strict bio security procedures and skilled fish keeping experience, we are confident in the health of our livestock. Therefore, all tropical, cold water and pond fish come with a 7 day health guarantee.


If the event occurs of you needing to make a claim, please return to the shop within 7 days bringing the following with you:


  • The bodies of all fish being claimed for

  • Your till receipt (bank statements and credit card receipts are not accepted)

  • A fresh water sample from the tank or pond where the fish was kept (please keep the sample separate from the bodies)



We will then test your water sample, and upon the water test being satisfactory we will replace the fish. 


Please note this guarantee DOES NOT include Discus, Marine Fish, Marine Invertebrates or Corals due to their sensitive nature.


It is recommended that all new fish be quarantined prior to their introduction to your pond or aquarium. Whilst we appreciate this is not always practical, Pelagic Aquatics cannot accept any responsibility for any other fish in your pond or aquarium.

Water Testing

We offer completely complementary water testing for any tropical, cold water or marine tank as well as garden ponds. 

Water quality is the most important aspect of fish keeping, therefore whether it be to diagnose a problem, or to ensure everything is on track, we are here to help! From your test we can then recommend relevant treatments, or let you know your pond or tank is in great condition.


Test before you buy

We do recommend having your water tested whenever you are coming into to buy new fish, especially when you are going through your start up cycle, so you can ensure your new fish are going into a perfect environment.  

Water Quality Explained:

The basis for water quality in a pond or aquarium is in the nitrogen cycle. All living things produce ammonia as raw waste, and it is also a by product of rotting material such as such as dead plants and leaves and uneaten food. Ammonia is a toxic compound which, if allowed to build up in the water, will kill living organisms. 

Beneficial bacteria colonise filters and substrates to break the harmful ammonia down, first into nitrite, which is almost as toxic, and then into nitrate which is much less harmful. All water can be tested for ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and pH. These are the 'basic' water quality perameters which can allow us to identify any problems your water is facing. 

We are also able to test for oxygen, general hardiness(gH), carbonate hardness (Kh), and for systems with algae problems, phosphate. For those wishing to test marine water after using strong medication, we can also test for copper.

Marine water chemistry is much more complicated than freshwater and so, in addition to the more standard tests , we can also test for salinity using high precision refractometer as well as for some of the more critical trace elements in salt water, namely; Calcium, Strontium, Magnesium and Iodine. 

Delivery and Assembly

Got your eye on a 400 Litre marine aquarium but drive a Mini?

We are able to offer free local delivery on all bulky and heavy items in store.


All deliveries are done in our own vehicles with our own staff members and arranged at a time convenient to you. 

Setting up an aquarium at home can be daunting, let us take the stress away so you can enjoy your new fish and reptile keeping journey. We offer complementary building of all vivarium's, aquariums and their stands, including setting up their relevant equipment.


(Free delivery and set up is dependant on location and spend amount)  

Installations and Bespoke Projects 

We are excited to now be offering pond and aquarium design, maintenance, repairs and bespoke installations, through our complementary company, Pelagic Projects. 

Find out a bit more about what we offer by visiting the Pelagic Projects tab above, or alternatively visit the dedicated website for full details. 

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