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The JUWEL Bioflow filter system has extra-large filter volumes, giving plenty of room for excellent mechanical, chemical and biological filtering. The filter's design offers easy access to the pump and heater and the use of special filter cages makes it easy to remove and clean the filter media.


JUWEL Bioflow filter system's unique bipolar current principle makes it possible to achieve different flow velocities, which helps to create the extraordinarily high filtering performance. For mechanical and chemical filtering in the upper part of the filter, a relatively fast flow velocity is particularly useful. A slower flow velocity, on the other hand, is useful in the lower part of the filter, to ensure optimum development of anaerobic bacteria, which are vital for biological filtering.


JUWEL Bioflow filters come fitted with a highly efficient, silent Eccoflow circulation pump and are also compatible for use with JUWEL heaters, which are perfectly embedded in the water circulation, ensuring an even distribution of heat through all areas of your aquarium.


Bioflow ONE - Aquariums up to 40cm height, up to 80 Litres

Bioflow Super - Aquariums with 40cm height, up to 150 Litres

Bioflow M - Aquariums with 60cm height, up to 300 Litres 

Bioflow L - Aquariums with 60cm height, up to 400 Litres

Bioflow XL - Aquariums with 60cm height, up to 500 Litres

Bioflow Filter System

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